Thursday, July 17, 2014

Be Careful What You Wish For by Jeffrey Archer

Picking up where Best Kept Secret left off, this is book #4 in Jeffrey Archer's Clifton Chronicles series.  At the end of the previous book there is a serious car accident and you know one of the young men travelling in the car has been killed and the other is alive.  But which one lives and which one dies?

You find out the answer pretty quickly once this book starts, and the story of Clifton/Barrington family continues.

I found this book to be much more enjoyable than the previous book.  Where the previous book seemed like a collection of short stories, this one had more threads that wove through the whole book, which helped keep my interest better.

But as far as Jeffrey Archer books, I would still say this is far from his best (First Among Equals).  This book is full of stock market trading and board room meetings which dragged a bit.  The family company decides to get into the luxury cruise ship business and their enemies start plotting to bring them to ruin.  Will the ship get built?  Will the business succeed or fail?  Who will be the chairman of the company to lead the business in the right direction.  I'm not a lover of books about big business, and I've hated being a part of board meetings when my previous job required them, so this really wasn't my thing.

Still, I've grown attached to these characters and it's interesting to see how their personal lives develop. But I feel like their stories are mostly told by now.  There will be a fifth book next year.  I hope this is the end of it.  If you're reading the series, keep going, but if you haven't started, I think you can find better series out there.

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