Friday, August 1, 2014

Crazy Adventure by A. McDormand, A. McDormand and M. Peddle

Well, this was my surprise read of the summer.

After spending a rainy afternoon playing some fill-in-the-blank story games, some of my day care crew decided they wanted to write a book themselves.  The next day, "Crazy Adventure" was born.

As the book was being written I was asked if I am troubled by nightmares.  I said that I had them from time to time.  The response was, "I hope this doesn't give you any tonight!"

This is the story of a day care, with a day care provider named Sue, who is afraid of snakes.  The kids find a treasure map and as they head out in search of the treasure, they run into some obstacles along the way.

As the adventure continues, they encounter crocodiles and snakes.  One of the snakes bites Sue and she is suddenly transformed into a snake.  They find some medicine that transforms snakes into humans, but (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!) it doesn't work and Sue stays a snake forever.

This is a very funny story, with great characters.  There is fantastic art throughout the book as well.  I highly recommend this book, but seeing as how I have the only copy, you might need to swing by my house to have a read.  I hope these authors come up with more books, I'm looking forward to reading anything else they publish.

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