Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Best Kind of People by Zoe Whittall

Finally! A book that I read for fun, not for my book club. Rob gave me this one for Christmas, and a friend had previously recommended it, so I was eager to give it a read. I am going to have problems reviewing it, because I really enjoyed it up until the last 10 pages or so. However, I found the ending really unsatisfying, so it kind of ruined everything else for me. I will try to do my review without any sort of spoilers, but I apologize if I inadvertently give something away.

George Woodbury is a hero in Avalon Hills. He once stopped a school shooter from his attempt at attacking the private school where George was a teacher. The shooter had his gun out and George's daughter, Sadie, was the only student in the hallway at the time. George was in the right place at the right time and attacked the shooter, preventing a tragedy. After this, he is voted Teacher of the Year every year and is well-loved by everyone.
So everyone is surprised when George is suddenly arrested in his home, accused of the attempted rape of a student and inappropriate behaviour with other students. Can it be true?

George himself is a minor character, the rest of the story is told through the eyes of his daughter, Sadie and his wife, Joan and how they react to their new situation. It is a well written story, looking at rape culture, relationships, and how a family can survive this kind of trauma. Secrets are revealed, old hurts are brought back to the surface, and questions are raised about what the characters thought they knew.

All in all, a pretty good read, but a very frustrating ending!

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