Thursday, September 22, 2016

I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

This book will be our book club selection (my choice) for October. I picked the book up after receiving some rave reviews about it one night while shopping in Indigo. A staff member and some other shoppers had recently read the book and loved it, so I picked it up.

These ladies couldn't say enough about how quickly they read the book, and how they couldn't put it down. I enjoyed the book, but it took me several weeks to read it and there were times when I needed to put it down.

The first page of the book involves an accident in which a young boy is hit by a car and killed. He is walking home from school with his mother, who briefly lets go of his hand. That is enough for him to run out into the street on a rainy night, right into the path of an oncoming car. Jenna Gray's life is changed in an instant and she needs to leave her life in Bristol, England to start a new life in Wales away from the memories of the accident.

Full of twists and turns, the book throws a major twist in at the halfway point which completely changes everything. It definitely gets more exciting from that point on, but there are still times that are very disturbing, including a domestic violence subplot that I struggled to read.

All in all it is a very thrilling read, there are great surprises and interesting characters. I hope the rest of the ladies in the bookclub enjoy it too.

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