Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mightier Than the Sword by Jeffrey Archer

I have enjoyed reading Jeffrey Archer's books since I accidentally stumbled across First Among Equals as a teenager. This is book is the fifth in his current series, The Clifton Chronicles. I always like to finish a series once I start it, but after book four I was getting bored with this series. I wasn't sure if I was going to read this book or not, but I'm glad I did as it seems to have recaptured the excitement that I first enjoyed with this series.

The series follows the life of Harry Clifton who is now around 50 years old, a successful author and a loving husband and father. His wife Emma, son Sebastian, brother-in-law Giles are some of the other main characters with a few recurring villains as well.

In this book Emma is facing challenges as the Chairman of the Board of her family's shipping company, Harry is campaigning for the release of a Russian author who was imprisoned for writing a biography of Stalin which the Russian government doesn't want reaching the hands of the public. Archer takes us from London to Russia, to the US, to East Berlin as the family faces each difficulty.

It's not going to be an award-winning book, but it was a fun, light read and had compelling plot lines. Jeffrey Archer has a great way of telling a story. I love the way he leaks little clues as the stories move along and the fun ways he has of revealing surprises, often in a court room or board room. The "bad guys" are usually brought to justice with a surprising twist. It is a bit formulaic, but still fun. I do recommend the series. Book four was a bit weak, as I said before, but on the whole the series will give you what Jeffrey Archer is known for: a fun page-turner with lots of surprises.

Side note: My all time favourite Jeffrey Archer story is a short story which appeared in his book 12 Red Herrings. The first story in the book is entitled Trial and Error. I loved it!

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