Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Little Old Lady Strikes Again by Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg

A few years ago I read and loved The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules and absolutely loved it, so I when I heard there was a sequel I wanted to check it out.

The back of the book talks about how the League of Pensioners have relocated to Las Vegas and are planning on pulling off a heist in a big Vegas casino. Can they pull it off? It sounded fun and exciting. Well, by page 40 you know whether or not they had pulled it off and they had left Vegas, never to return again. Their time in Vegas wasn't the plot of the book, it was the introduction. I just found it strange that the description on the back of the book barely had anything to do with the plot itself.

It has taken me nearly two months to get through the rest of the book. It wasn't a bad book, it just wasn't a compelling read. It was very similar to the first book, with the League of Pensioners plotting their crimes, attempting them and encountering funny little mishaps along the way. I just felt like I had read it already and wasn't all that interested in picking it up each day.

There is a third book in the series, and I won't be reading that. It sounds like more of the same again and I feel the story has already been told.

I really need to get over my thing of always finishing a book I start. My time could probably have been better spent than finishing this book. Oh well, it is done now!

I'd say that if you liked the first book, leave well enough alone and skip this one.

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