Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis

We are sad to be approaching the end of the Chronicles of Narnia as we finished this book.  Only one book remains.  As with the others, we loved this book and the adventures we read about along the way.

I know I've read this book before, but as we started it, I had very little recollection of what the story was.  We found it to be one of the darkest books of the series.

My guest reviewer, Darcy, found the book to be terrifying in some spots. There was even one night after we'd done our pre-bedtime reading, that I needed to tell them some funny stories to lighten the mood because they were a bit freaked out by what we'd read.

Picking up where The Voyage of the Dawn Treader leaves off, this book follows Eustace and his new friend Jill as they enter Narnia after running away from some bullies at their awful school.  Once there, a scuffle between the two friends ends with Eustace falling off a mountain and Jill meeting with Aslan.  He tells her it is her job to find King Caspian's missing son, Prince Rilian, and gives her signs to follow that will help her in her quest.  Jill manages to mess up the first few signs, which makes their task even harder.

Once she meets up with Eustace (who Aslan had guided safely to the bottom of the mountain) they set off on their quest along with their new friend, the eternal pessimist, Puddleglum.

A long journey follows, including a trip to the middle of the earth.  There are funny times, scary times and sad times along the way.  But there were times that were so exciting that Wesley was jumping out of his chair and clapping and cheering.  I love seeing him so excited about a book.

So, now we've begun The Last Battle and we will be sad to see the end of it.  Any suggestions for what we should read next?

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